Agrupamento de Escolas de Valongo (AEV)

Agrupamento de Escolas de Valongo (AEV)

We are a cluster of six schools:

  • four elementary schools with pre-primary and primary education (1st cycle)
  • a junior school (2nd and 3rd cycle)
  • a secondary school with general and vocational education and also adult education.

There about 2000 students attending our schools and about 200 teachers.

We are located in the Porto Metropolitan Area, in the municipality of Valongo, an area with a huge population density and socioeconomic diversity. Valongo is famous for its bread and biscuits, slate and slate quarries and fossils.




A group of schools of excellence, recognized in the educational society for the quality of its practices.



Work, Respect, Responsibility, Creativity, Dialogue, Freedom, Collaboration, Cooperation, Commitment, Innovation and Trust


Quality Management and Sustainable Development

Quality management and sustainable development are comprehensive, all-round themes in all general and vocational education and training and hence a vital part of the AEV education and training processes.

One of the central objectives in the development of the AEV operations is to introduce both quality management and principles of digital and sustainable development into the institution’s core functions and processes.

The AEV quality management is based on the European Quality Assurance in vocational education and training, EQAVET.



Digital and sustainable development

Digital and sustainable development has been adopted as a part of teaching and work at the AEV. One of the objectives of education and training at the AEV is to increase students’ and staff abilities and motivation for digital and sustainable development.


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